Sweet Pungent Stir Fry

A refreshing taste of Freshness by:

John and Maureen Herwick

Roscoe's Mountain



1/2 sweet onion chopped for stir fry

2 heads Pak choy, blanched and chopped for stir fry

4 oz of long beans chopped for stir fry

1 cup cabbage chopped for stir frying

1 cucumber peeled/seeded and chopped for stir fry

2 tomatoes cut into segments

2 tangerines segmented


Cilantro and Green onion chopped for garnish


1. Heat pan to Hi and stir fry onions and garlic in oil until fragrant (about 1 minute).

2. Add and brown meat/shrimp.Add green peppers, carrots,chili peppers, pak choy,green beans, cabbage, and cucumbers.Stir fry for about 2 minutes.

3. Stir in tomato segments then add shoyu, vinegar, and sugar, bring to boil.

4. Add tangerines/pineapple and add 1/2 cup water and thicken sauce with corn starch, simmer until consistency you want is reached.


Serve over Rice or noodles and garnish with cilantro and onions.